Understanding swimming pool heaters

Whether you’re stressed from work or just want a time to relax, drenching your body in pool water provides comfort and rejuvenation. To some swimming pools are a way to refresh mind and body and to some it’s a part of their exercise routine.

Technological advancements have brought about convenience in everything; a swimming pool heater is a great addition to maximize the use of your swimming pool especially during colder months or in the evenings. Pool heaters set the water temperature at a very pleasant degree to enjoy the pool time at any time.

With the availability of different pool heaters in the market today, choosing the right one can be a challenging task. Always keep your needs, budget and existing design of pool and the house in mind while deciding upon the type. There are three basic types of pool heaters: solar, electric heat pump and gas powered. Each one has its own pros and cons; however, it’s important to have some knowledge about each type to derive at a valuable buying decision.

Gas- fired is the most popular heater that utilizes natural gas or propane to operate. They are less expensive to buy, easy to operate, and designed to maintain any desired temperature irrespective of the weather or climate. These heaters are efficient and quick when heating pools for short periods of time.

Another type of heaters is powered by electricity that operates as an electric hot water tank does. Electric current heats a coil, which heats the water on the trot. Its heating power is slower than gas powered heaters, and considering the cost of electricity it is also an uneconomical choice.

Lastly, the solar powered heater is economical yet convenient since the source of energy is the sun that provides heat for free. However, it is the most extravagant type of heaters to buy because of its initial installation costs. Moreover, the solar collection area of the heater has to be equal the pool’s surface area. The drawback remains the insufficient space for the required size of the solar heater and the requirement of an electric pool pump to carry water to the solar panels.

Research and having the knowledge before buying pool heaters as to what specific heater suits your needs and budget can be helpful in making your decision

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