Things To Know Before Becoming A Nurse

Things To Know Before Becoming A Nurse

There are many different types of nursing, each with different educational requirements and professional requirements, but the answer to this question remains the same across the entire field. A nurse’s job is to care for and assist people of all ages and walks of life. As a nurse in Dubai, you will make people’s lives better by providing compassionate care and treatment. To become a nurse, follow these steps.

Become a CNA

Before you can become a nurse, you need to become a certified nursing assistant or CNA. A CNA can be an excellent stepping stone to a career in the medical field. The job involves a variety of duties that can involve both communication and decision-making. Depending on the state, CNAs may have to work eight hours each week or more to maintain active status. They will also have to apply for recertification after the certification lapses, which can be costly. Depending on where you live, recertification can be free or require retaking training and exam.

Get a high school diploma or GED

To become a CNA, you’ll need a high school diploma or GED. Community colleges and technical colleges offer CNA courses. You can take on-campus classes or enroll in online courses to complete the requirements for a nursing assistant certification. Before starting a CNA program, check to make sure that the school is approved by the state nursing board and the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission.

Earn a master’s degree

Aspiring nurses may choose to pursue further education before getting their first nursing job. In addition to boosting their salary, a graduate degree allows them to advance in their career and enter a more senior position. The good news is that many schools offer advanced degrees in nursing. These programs will prepare you for a variety of positions, including nurse practitioners.

Take the National Council Licensure Examination

There are two main types of nursing exams. The RN exam covers the management of care, while the PN exam focuses on assisting RNs and working under direction. Both exams cover eight important areas of care. In-depth test plans and sample questions can be found on the related website. Both NCLEX-RN and PN tests are computerized and consist of multiple-choice questions.

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