Things you never know about tui na massage

You may have heard about various types of massage such as deep tissue massage, sports massage, Swedish massage, and prenatal massage, but do you know about Chinese or tui na massage? During the past few years, tui massage is getting popular all over the world. This is a hand massage that gives your body relaxation and energy. You feel yourself stress-free and have peace of mind. Thus, we thought to provide you detailed information about this excellent massage therapy.

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What is tui na massage?

Tui na massage is based on traditional Chinese medicine, which heals your body and gives relief from pain. The experts of this therapy use meridians and apply them to your entire body. The therapist knows your energy points, pressure points, and rotation of joints that balance your body’s energy. The name of Tui na comes from two words where tui represents “to push” and na represents ” grab and squeeze. This is also a combination of Japanese bodywork practice, which is known as Shiatsu. Tui na has great benefits for people who have certain health conditions.

Is similar tui na massage similar to western massage?

Tui na massage session takes at least 30 minutes to one hour, and it happens on the table. This massage gives relaxation to your body, which is a little bit similar to Swedish massage. This therapy has different relaxing techniques like kneading, friction, rolling, gliding, and rocking.

How tui na massage is different from western massage?

While there various techniques in tui na massage that are similar to western massage, but still western massage is far different from Chinese massage. Tui na massage helps to heal joints, bones, and muscles that boost your energy level. Tui na therapists have magic in their hands, and they know the energy points in your body. Tui na practitioners use Chinese herbal, moxibustion, and cupping.

Do you have to wear clothes in tui na massage?

One thing which is important to know before tui na massage is you do not have to take off your clothes in this therapy. You have to wear comfortable and loose clothes as it helps the therapist to move your joints effectively. They use oil just on your neck, feet, and hands.

Is tui na is effective for chronic pain?

A recent study reveals that tui na is most effective for people with chronic neck pain. However, in Dubai hijama is the most famous therapy as compared to tui na massage.

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