What are braces?

What are braces

One of the most common issues that the people might face with regards to their dental health is the fact that the teeth get misaligned. As a result it looks unpleasant and if the matters get worse it even can affect the shape of the face. This problem usually develops within kids and young adults. And to cure this condition, dentists and oral health physicians prescribe a treatment which is known as braces.

Braces are an orthodontic treatment which is used to get the teeth back into shape. This treatment is for the people who want to get their teeth straightened. However one thing about getting braces is that it is very prominent and shows off every time you talk, you smile or even when you eat. In short every time you open your mouth you can see your teeth stuck within some wires and metal brackets. Many people do not like this and it is a common reason why people delay their treatment. It is because of the unpleasant look of the braces. But even this problem got solved when people were introduced to the concept of invisible braces.

What are invisible braces?

Invisible braces are also orthodontic treatment which are used for the same exact purpose for which regular braces are used. The key difference between the two types of braces is that the regular braces are very noticeable while the invisible braces are not that noticeable. Another name for invisible braces that is very commonly used is clear aligners. Invisible braces are much popular amongst the patient with the said problem because of the fact that they can’t be notices that much. Clear aligners or invisible braces are usually made with plastic. They are pre made and come in a few different shapes and sizes suited so that everyone can have something for themselves.

Another feature that some clinics offer is of a custom braces. Custom braces are made just for your teeth. When you pay your dentist a visit for the checkup, they tend to scan your teeth. This scan is then used throughout the treatment to compare the before and after results to check improvement. Also the custom braces are made by using those scans. You can get your braces from invisible braces Dubai.

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