Trends of events to be held in 2021

Companies were in a tough situation to settle their events at the beginning of 2020 between chancing, postponing or implementing hybrid events. However, the busy season of meetings, promoters and planners turned to online events close October. And there is also a matter of whether this is a long-term approach or whether we want live shows to return.

Here are the highlights of a study of event marketing experts that point to the future of events.

The number of audiences you can meet through virtual events was astonishing for event professionals.

The number of audiences you can meet through virtual events was astonishing for event professionals. As most hurdles such as transport requirements, location availability and other costs and logistics are avoided during such activities. That is why we prefer to incorporate virtual components into their event plans in the future in most event planners.

In addition, event organisations use technologies to entertain and educate their audience with immersive elements.

However, this is not enough alone. Event designers needs to become more creative in order to produce extraordinary and unforgettable events, and more specifically to develop a community where participants can connect.

Most advertisers expect to restart activities individually in 2021, though, as live events are an integral part of our lives. It is a human condition that is relational and involves interactions from person to person. Event advertisers therefore believe that experiences in person can be stronger and stronger than before.

Something that ensues is certain that a vast majority of event planners are higher in the future. Since the best of both simulated and personal encounters can be mixed, it sets the stage for event firms in Dubai for the future.

We also believe that hybrid activities will be a central player and a key subject in event strategy for 2021 as we reach the end of the year. For more information and new ideas, please do not hesitate to email us.

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