Things to see as soon as you enter in a hotel room

The idea of living some days in a hotel seems fun and relaxing. Because there is nothing that you need to do other than just lay around and order food and your room and all of it will be cleaned before you know it. Hotels are booked more often than any other guest room or AirBnB type things because there are a lot of cheap hotels in Fujairah. Other than finding cheap hotels, there are some of the best hotel deals in Fujairah as well. But the bookings of hotels have pause since 2019 because we all know why, but we are seeing some good days coming ahead the hotels will be opened soon. After this pandemic is over, if you are going to book a hotel for the first time, then check out the list below about the things to see when entering a hotel room.

  1. Sanitize the Handles: not only the handles, sanitize each and everything that you touch because everything can be dangerous for your health. Make sure that you ask the hotel management that what protocols they have been using to sanitize the whole room.
  2. Check for Bedbugs: unless you are in a really cheap hotel, then check for this thing or you are in a hotel that is in the middle of the forest or desert. But even the cheapest hotels have to follow the SOPs and if there is any bedbug, call the exterminator if the management does not respond.
  3. Get Rid of the Comforter: if you don’t what a comforter is, we are here to tell you. this is a thick blanket like bed sheet that is over the bed sheet. We got an insider tip from a cleaning hotel staff, that the management changes the bed sheets and not the comforter because washing the comforter and then drying it can take a lot of time. So, get that thing off of your bed.
  4. Find Out How to Use the Safe: don’t ask the workers because, in this way, they know that you don’t know how to use it and they can show you a wrong way and anything can happen while you are not in your room.
  5. Read the Fire Escape Map: bad things come without any warning, so, it is best that you know what are your options if you are in a pent house.
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