Features of armored cars

Features of armored cars

The idea of armored cars is not a new thing. Since World War 1, military people are using this facility. With time, the usage of armored vehicles expanded incredibly, and now it is accessible to everyone. There are thousands of high-level personalities around the world that are using bulletproof cars, such as Government officials, influencers, celebrities, and controversial personalities like detectives and journalists.

Having bulletproof cars means you have complete protection from accidents and life threats. The quality of armoring is depended on the customer’s needs. For example, if you are the president of the country, you will be provided a5 level armoring limousine. This bulletproof car can protect you from an AK47 attack.

How the car is armored? 

From a particular distance, it is hard to make difference between normal and armored cars. It happens because armored vehicles are made of natural material, which makes it hard to identify armored vehicles. But if you pay close attention to the car, you can judge that car is armored.

The following features can help you identify that car is armored.

Ballistic Steel: 

When it comes to armored cars, ballistic steel is used on the body of the car, which is hardened with particular chemicals. This ballistic steel allows your car to resist rust and high temperature. It also helps to protect from bullets and accidents.

Run Flat Tires: 

The tires of armored cars are specifically designed to escape from tense and serious situations. It means that if somebody attacks your tires, these flat tires can help you run away from this situation. Therefore, armored vehicles are the first choice for high-profile people and even security forces.

Gun Ports: 

Some armored vehicles come with gun ports facility, which helps security forces to fight against attackers. This tool allows you to focus on enemies and give you time to attack them more effectively.

Car Glass:

The best thing about armored vehicles is they have bulletproof glass that can resist any type of bullet including AK-47. These glasses have thick layers that ensure your safety in any situation.

Floor & roof:

The manufacturers of bulletproof cars not only use ballistic steel to cover the vehicle’s body but also use it for the roof & floor. This type of protection makes armored vehicles more reliable for high-profile personalities.

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