Drawbacks of starting an event management agency

Drawbacks of starting an event management agency

Following are the drawbacks of running an event management agency Dubai.


One of the drawbacks of starting an event management agency includes the extended working hours. If the agency is planning quite an important and huge event, then you have to spend a lot of time interacting with partners and the customers. Before the huge event, you have to spend time on arranging everything and make sure that you have got everything you need. At the day of the event, you will of course have to look at your other projects as well and along with it you have to present at the event to see that it is being executed as planned and desired.


The event management agency is an agency which focuses on its customers. The agency has to deal with different customers and every customer has varying personalities, their likes and dislikes are different, their demands are different, etc. As an event management agency, you will present your ideas to the customers which should be implemented to organize a successful event. There will be some people who would respect and would be okay with what you tell them. But, there would be people who would want somethings different and their demands change again and again. They will call you at odd timings and will ask you to make a particular change. All these thigs are frustrating and also a significant drawback of starting an event management agency.


People who love travelling or people who won’t have any responsibilities even if they are away from their home, then such people can start an event management agency. But, people who have responsibilities or who don’t like travelling, starting an event management agency could be difficult for them. The reason to this is that the person starting the agency will sometimes have to organize events in other cities or he will have to go to various locations with the customers so as to find a perfect location for the event.


Stating an event management agency is a very stressful task. If the agency does even a small mistake, it could be a lot costly for the customer. The event management agency will have to arrange activities, choose décor and menu, make sure that the sound system and video system is working properly, etc. All these things has to be proper at the day of the event and so the agency has to work hard prior to the event.

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