Basic car repair and maintenance tips

Buying your own brand new car is a great feeling. However, to stay safe from minor upkeeps and major repairs, you need to keep up with the basic maintenance of your car. To keep your car running and performing as new as ever, find here some maintenance tips to follow:

Regularly inspect your tires

It is essential to align tires after every 3000 miles to circumvent imbalance. Be sure if the tires are properly filled and inspect the treads on a regular basis especially before travelling on a long route. To avoid imbalance get the tires aligned after every 3000 miles.

Belt inspection on regular basis

For your alternator and air conditioner to function properly, support of the engine belt system is required. Issues in these belts can be very costly and can also damage other parts of the engine.

Routine check on fluids

It is vital to keep oil, water, power steering fluid, battery water and other fluids under routine observation. Oil is the most important of these liquids, if not checked every 3 months; used oil can seize the engine.

Schedule regular maintenance and servicing

Regular check-ups and maintenance of the vehicle which includes wheel alignment, oil changes, tire cleaning, fuse box and wiring should be scheduled on a regular basis.

Sustain the body and paint

The car’s exterior requires basic cleaning and waxing. Regular washing and waxing the body prevents rust from setting and helps keep scratches abridged.

Be aware of warning lights

Dashboard lights blink for a reason; it could be the sign of a problem with the engine, oil, battery or any other part that you should take seriously and get a checkup to find the source of the issue.

Service or change the air filter

Air filter is a basic yet critical component for air conditioning & the engine. To block out dust, the air conditioning fan uses this filter and, so does the engine. Cleaning and replacement of air filter is needed accordingly. 

External lights

Spend some time to check signaling, brake lights and head lights regularly. It is dangerous to drive without these lights, make sure to inspect them at least every 45 days.

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